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Rebar Fabrication | Colorado Concrete Accessories
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Rebar Fabrication

We’re proud to have the largest complete rebar fabrication facility between Denver and Salt Lake City.  It’s one of our specialties!  We’ve detailed thousands of jobs with our in-house designers and fulltime fabrication shop.  Our team of experienced detailers utilize the latest CAD software and state-of-the-art fabrication equipment.  The result provides you exactly what you need on-site, every time.  Our process virtually eliminates rebar overage/shortage and helps guide your field personnel in proper placement and tracking.  This system saves you precious time and expense.


When needed, our staff works directly with any project party: Property Owner/Owner Rep, Architects, Engineers, General Contractor, and front line workers.  We’re also ready to answer any questions once the rebar is on-site.  Our goal is to help you cut costs and reduce delays!


Phone: (970) 242-4651
Fax: (970) 245-1819

Phone: (970) 242-4651
Fax: (970) 245-1819



Professional review of specifications for commercial, industrial and residential projects. We use only USA-Made Rebar.


Detailed drawings provided for your project using the latest aSa CAD Detailing System and our experienced, trained staff.


Rings, stirrups, dowels, angle bends, and specialty work to specification per American Concrete Institute (ACI) standards.

Tagged Bar

Completed project bar is packaged and tagged making the job easier to place.


Coordinated delivery to your job site or pick it up from our yard in Grand Junction.


Design and Drawing In-House
Experience Working with Engineers, Architects, GC, PM, and Site Supervisors
We Stock Only USA-Made Rebar
Steel Rebar – Gr60 #3 – #11
Epoxy Rebar
Weld-able Rebar
Support After Delivery
Successful Industrial, Utility, Government, Commercial and Residential Jobs
Qualified, Professional & Experienced Staff